About Us

Essential Radiance Aesthetics is a company that gently hand makes 100% natural skin care products to keep the skin healthy, fight acne, and moisturized. Our products are known for leaving a glow on the skin allowing everyone to come into their ERA of clear and smooth skin. According to our customers, our products are known for leaving one with a glow on the skin. As a natural skin care brand, our company finds delight in knowing that what we service will allow an individual to walk in the confidence of their skin. We all know the saying “When you look good, you feel good.” Our company also believes that when you are able to walk in the confidence of your skin you feel great!


Meet the Founder, Cassandra Duvra 

There are many great business owners who dreamed of owning their own company however, I had no clue I would end up in this spot. I often think to myself how ERA found it's way to me. I have always had a passion for skincare but have never thought to run my own business.

Being born with eczema, I have always suffered from dry and flaky skin that eventually lead to inflamed patches causing dark scars on my skin and I then came across hyperpigmentation on the bottom half of my face which caused me to be self-conscious of my skin tone and texture. I spent years trying to treat my skin with different chemical based products like cleansers and exfoliators that helped for a little while but eventually came back and left my skin extremely dry. It is not until I made the decision to care for my skin using natural based products that I started to notice a drastic change in my skin and it's texture.

Growing up in a household where both of my parents are big advocates for healthy living in all aspects of life and use their knowledge and research on natural healing, I have witnessed that using natural organic products heal the body and skin with a 100% guarantee more than a chemical based product would. 

Before thinking about launching my business, I was in high school when I started doing deep research about natural healing for the skin and started to experiment different formulas until I found the one that worked perfectly for my skin removing the dead skin, reducing the hyperpigmentation, improving the discoloration, unclogged my pores, and reduced the inflammation on my skin. This became my regimen til this day! I wanted to know if this formula would work for every skin type so I started making samples to give to friends and family that has different skin types. Sure enough, These products were solving their skin's problems! 

The joy and gratitude that I got back from knowing my products can solve the next person's skin dilemma gave me my ultimate why in what I do now. All the batches are made carefully with love and joy allowing you to come into your ERA. Thank you for all the love and support and I look forward to growing this brand into a brand that is able to solve many skin obstacles.