Black Soap Refiner

Black Soap Refiner

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Our Black Soap Refiner fights acne, moisturizes and soothes the skin, softens rough cuticles, fades blemishes and dark spots, and boosts your skin's glow. With our Black Soap being imported straight from Ghana, we've created the best formula for you!


Shake well before use. Apply desired amount into the hand and massage gently on the face or body and rinse with warm or cool water. Use once or twice daily following our Radiant Sugar Scrub & Glow Butter. 


Store in cool room temperature.

Make sure to shake well before use as our soap is made with all natural ingredients. This means the natural particles of the soap will part to the bottom if left to sit.


Aqua, Jojoba Oils, Tea Tree Oils, Vitamin E Oils.